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With the reality that competition for management jobs continues to intensify in each passing year, there is a dire need to make sure you are competively placed to achieve your goals.

Empower Your Inner Manager will help you see the manager in you, assess your skills and allow you to explore your capabilities to secure the management position you desire. This step-by-step guide discusses all the essential skills necessary for you to target and secure that select management position. By recognizing the competitive nature of the job market and skills required to succeed, you can quickly learn to position yourself to maximize your likelihood of promotion. The information provided is invaluable for both newly aspiring managers and seasoned executives, alike. 

Do you know where you stand in the aggressive world of management? How qualified and efficient are you? How can you stand out among the hundreds of other skilled managers or would-be managers?

This book will provide you the personalized tools to assess the skills you need to maximize your chances for promotion. By rapidly reviewing the concise insights provided into the techniques practiced by excellent managers, you can quickly construct your own unique plan for self-development. Once you have benefited from this efficient process, you can simply repeat the same the method time and time again when either preparing for your next career move, or, carefully maximizing your effectiveness in your current position.

Embark on a productive journey through assessing management job opportunities, targeting a management position, reviewing personal skills and value, developing a personalized plan, and finally, securing your long-term growth!

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